Beginning thoughts

This is the first post and you can find more information under the about tab. Future posts here will just be thoughts and ideas. Under different tabs, you can find more such as recent articles, book reviews, and facts.

To start off, I’d like to share some of my fundamental thoughts regarding the preservation of the environment on a basic level, disregarding vegetarianism. To me, it is a no-brainer that the earth deserves our respect and that we should aim to protect it for the creatures to come. No matter your political party or religion, you can see that if we do not think about the environmental consequences of our actions, we will destroy this planet, a home for millions of species, only one of which is us. Why should humans automatically come before other animals, plants, fungi etc.? It seems ridiculous to say that a mushroom is just as important as a human, but it is a ridiculous counter-argument to say that we are smarter and more advanced so we have the right to do what we wish to this planet. If one truly applied that to human life, it could be said that a smarter person could kill a dumber person, because they are more intelligent and advanced. Put yourself in the shoes of any other organism on this earth. A snake could kill us with its venom and is more advanced than humans in that aspect. Does that mean we should respect its evolution-given authority, and say that it has a right to kill all animals with its venom, just as humans do with their brains? Does a smart person have the right to kill a dumb person? Any morals get in the way of that. So truly, any environmental issue becomes a moral issue, because we only say it is not right for us to be doing this. It is true that we are more advanced in many ways than other organisms, but to me that  doesn’t mean it’s okay to destroy them. We would think it awful to torture a cat or dog, so why is it not bad to do the same to a cow or pig. Taking a vegetarian diet into account, its unnecessary; why take part in unnecessary slaughter and mistreatment of animals? If we all knew about the awful things done to animals in factory farms, we would understand the wrongs of eating meat. As Paul McCartney once said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.” Check out our facts and quotes page for more. As always, everything here is my opinion, so please don’t take offense. Please comment any counter-arguments or disagreements you have. I am always interested in a new perspective.


5 responses to “Beginning thoughts

    • Looks cool! Right now the only books I’ve read are Eating Animals which is like almost a novel and I’m in the process of reading Omnivore’s Dilemna, which is kind of a classic. I’ll definitely get that though

  1. Zubin Mobedshahi

  2. all good thoughts, and for the main stream, everyday joe a new thought. things don’t happen over night, and as you get older changes take even more time.

    For me i see humans harming humans mentally and physically, can we adopt a live and let live ideal? But where would be the profit in that- find that out and you have the golden goose, or golden aparagus if you prefer

    cynical but aware

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