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These are websites which I find interesting and informative. They have helped me learn more about agriculture and understand how our diet affects the environment.

On their blog, Food and Water Watch shares the latest news in food safety and sovereignty.

NPR’s food blog, The Salt, writes about food, farming, and activism.

You can find gardening tips and information at Organic Gardening and Grow-It-Organically.

The Lexicon of Sustainability features a list of definitions for things like CSA, healthy soil, and permaculture. The definitions center around different creative and innovative farming operations in the US. For Example, Will Allen’s farm, Growing Power, is the definition for “good food.” The definitions feature these cool panorama-like photographs that are made up of many pictures sewn together and incorporate descriptive text that is layered on top of the photo.

Civil Eats is a blog with informative daily posts that promote “critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems.”

The Contrary Farmer– Author and farmer Gene Logsdon thinks and blogs a lot about farming, gardening, homesteading, and other cool stuff.

Modern Farmer The Modern Farmer magazine’s website has a huge range of news and info about recent trends, ideas, technology, and methods in farming. 

Agroecology in Action This UC Berkeley site offers several cool studies on agriculture and agroecology ( which is basically the integrating principles of ecology into agriculture).

USFRA– The United States Farming and Ranching Association has a lot of videos from the perspective of the conventional farmers of the US who make up the organization. I like their Food Dialogues videos because of the many different perspectives they offer. In these videos, a panel of various specialists–conventional and unconventional farmers, scientists, writers, nutritionists– discuss and debate about big controversies in agriculture like GMOs.

Eatocracy is CNN’s food blog. They have a lot of lighthearted writing on food, cooking, and random news but you can also find some good op-ed pieces like the posts in the Farmers With Issues section

Michael Pollan’s “Today’s Link– A page on writer Michael Pollan’s website gives daily links to news, articles, or studies about food. Also check out the rest of his website for his articles, books, etc.

Where is my milk from? Type in a code on the side of your milk carton to see where your milk comes from.

Local Harvest shows you any farms, farmers markets, and CSAs that are close to your house. It’s a great resource if you’re curious about your local foodshed.

Seafood Watch– The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s seafood watch guides help consumers identify sustainable seafood options.

Food Revolution John Robbins’ books are in my opinion pretty sensationalist, but his blog has some good news and articles, many about health and nutrition.

VegNews is a magazine dedicated to news on veganism and sustainable consumer choices. The site is very commercialized but still has good information on vegan/eco-friendly companies, books, foods, etc.

These last few sites were some of the first ones I put up on here back when I didn’t really know much about animal agriculture, so they’re really just aimed at showing the cruelties of conventional animal agriculture. Now, I prefer to write about a wider variety of topics since the cruelty of CAFOs is obvious to me and these sites oversimplify and demonize animal agriculture in some ways. The sites can at times be pretty sensationalist so beware of that, but the facts they share are still true and the video footage they show is still very real. So here are some good introductions to the concentrated animal feeding operation (or CAFO):

Viva! (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals) is an organization devoted to ending factory farming and spreading the news about its cruelty and environmental impact. Their page on factory farming gives specific information on every animal raised for meat, milk, eggs, or fiber.

“Meet Your Meat” is a video from PETA on the cruel practices of factory farming.

Compassion Over Killing is a nonprofit animal welfare organization.

COK’s video “45 Days: The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken” shows the truth about the life of a chicken on a modern factory farm.

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