New Sites Page

New Sites Page

I apologize for being a little late with my post. I have been working on the beginning of a new page, which includes sites that have changed how I think about our diet and its affects on the environment. Click on the “Sites” tab next to “Home” and “About” to view the list. The last link on the page is one I’ve just found which includes quotations and excerpts from John Robbins’s book “The Food Revolution.” I like this site because it shows us quotations from people involved in the meat industry and people opposed to it. Robbins then presents facts and information that help give background to the ideas presented in the quotations. The facts also help illustrate trends and themes in the meat industry. For me, the quotations show us the difference between what the meat industry likes to think or tell the public and the truth of the industry, well-hidden from so much of the public. The “Meet your Meat” and “45 Days: the Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken” videos found on the Sites page share footage and information on factory farms, also shedding light on the cruelties of factory farming. I will continue adding sites to this page as I find them, so please check it if you’re interested in a new place to learn.


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