About Chewonki

I won’t be going to Chewonki for a while, but I think it would be good to explain it a little. It’s a semester school in Wiscasset, Maine that focuses on exploration, independence, and sustainability. The school has a working farm and students live in cabins heated by a wood stove that they are responsible for maintaining. The school has weekly science trips and students start their day off with chores at the farm It will be a lot of work and no doubt a big change from school life right now, but I am very excited for the opportunity and I look forward to gaining new perspectives. You will hear more about Chewonki when second semester starts, around the beginning of 2012. Here’s some information on the school. Their very fitting motto is “Do something different.”



2 responses to “About Chewonki

  1. From hearing about the experiences from my former students – you will have a great experience that will transform you!

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