“The Main Course Had an Unhappy Face”

This is kind of an old article, but I remember reading it and appreciating what it covers. Ariel Kaminer examines the “dislocation and alienation of our industrial food system” in a very personal way. We used to see and know our food before we ate it, and a lot of people agree that it’s time to get back to that idea. Whether it’s starting a garden in your backyard or going to the local farmers’ market, its easy to get closer to your food. It’s easy for you to connect, appreciate its process, and assure its sustainability. In this instance, the author visits a family-owned slaughter-house in the middle of Queens, New York. She gets a chance to see her dinner alive and even has the option to end its life. The connection is one based in compassion, and the experience of slaughtering your own meal can indeed be spiritual.



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