“The New School of Fish”

I think a lot of people overlook fish as a globally impactful part of our diet. Fish are often times even further from our consideration than cattle or other farm animals, but their effect on the environment is no less. Fishing is a vital part of our modern food industry because fish and sea creatures are in fact the last wild animal hunted on a commercial level. By choosing which fish to eat, we support a movement towards sustainability, just like choosing local produce. As often is the case with the cattle industry, companies are often secretive or misleading in their claims. To me, education is again an important factor; we should learn about where our fish really come from and what was wasted, killed, or destroyed along the way. That way, we can make decisions on what we know and feel, rather than on what is commonly believed or claimed. Here is a very interesting look at different fishing practices and sources; the story follows the author as he searches for an honest meal, questioning and learning along the way. http://www.modernluxury.com/san-francisco/story/the-new-school-of-fish


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