Eating For A Sustainable Planet

Here is a video I made for biology class about the affect of cattle and fishing on the environment. I made it a while a go and there are a few inaccuracies and generalizations, but I stay true to the overall message. When I say that 99% of animals come from factory farms “like this one,” the footage actually comes from a slaughterhouse, at a separate location from the farms where the cattle lived.

My goal with this video was to show how our diet affects the earth and connect our choices to a greater global impact, while supporting my position with statistics and pictures. I tried to reveal the cruel practices and facts in a way that people could understand on both a logical and emotional level. I hope that you can find a new piece of information or footage that means something to you and stays with you.


2 responses to “Eating For A Sustainable Planet

  1. Wow, powerful and inspiring

  2. Thanks, but I realize as I re-watch this how inaccurate some of the things I said are. I generalize when I say that we support sustainable fishing by switching to wild-caught fish; as you know, many wild-caught fishing methods are very harmful to the ocean and many fish farms are very ocean-friendly.

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