“How I Fell in Love with a Fish”

A subscriber told me about this video, http://blog.ted.com/2010/03/10/how_i_fell_in_l/ and I think it is a pretty cool story with a great conclusion, so thanks for sharing. My favorite part of the presentation is the story Barber tells about his friend Miguel’s farm in Spain. The farm is for me a great example of humans reverting to an old system and restoring the natural cycle of a habitat. Miguel’s farm is an example of the success to be had when humans become part of the environment around us, rather than stepping outside of the natural order to exploit it for our own benefit. Miguel’s farm benefits the flamingos and the water, having a positive impact on the surrounding environment while still providing for the population. This ties into Barber’s conclusion about how we can feed the world. He brings up that many might ask how such a system could feed the world. Barber points out that we already have more than enough food to get the job done, we just need to look at the idea of self-sustenance, where each community can provide for itself. In a community like Miguel’s, no technology or medicine is needed and therefore the only limiting factor is the environment. If the whole world was made up of these kinds of systems, we could all fit into nature and share it with other living things.

However, it is difficult to place our direct relationships with these kind of places. When a farm like Miguel’s is so unique, how are we supposed to support it or buy from it? I honestly think that the closest we can get is to grow our own food in gardens and support local agriculture at farmers markets, so we can form our own self-sustaining communities. In the economic model that produces most of America’s food, a factory farmer drives to do more for less money. However, this model is inefficient if we look at the resources it uses up. The ecological model of Miguel’s farm uses less resources, less energy, and produces less waste. The transition to an ecological model will be hard. But it is still a transition we need to make if we want humans and other living things to last very long.


One response to ““How I Fell in Love with a Fish”

  1. great point- we need to realize that the best model is not the economic model but sustainability model- in all things

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